Hi, I'm Mike

© Nike Borzov
I’m just a little horsie but I’m an expensive one
Because I pull this massive cart from this to that river bank.


Mikhail Drepin, 32 y.o.
Senior Python Web developer
Born in Russia, live in Germany
E-mail: m@drepin.ru


- 12 years total programming expirience
- Python/Django specialization for 9 years
- HighLoad project architect, TeamLead
- Solid experience with Postgress, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Celery
- Know linux magic. Witchcraft of tests. Ansible talks to me. Not a princess :)
- Following all best Python / Django practices, PEP8, PEP20
- Front-end skilled: vanilla JS, React, css3, html5
Clear understanding of business needs and vision of the project is my #1 priority.
I'm always looking for the best way to complete the project and discuss it.


- Last 7 years
- 3 lvl up: real middle, senior, architect
- Code sample and nothing else matters..
- 1 year junior
- 3 months middle
- MongoDB/Postgresql multiple databases backend
- Trying to find myself in the big world of CS
- Why upwork wiped my account? WTF
- Tried to do all you can imagine: from asm to 3D modelling


You always can check my empty accounts on
- GitHub
- Facebook
- Stackoverflow